The day my horse ran off the merry-go-round


I loved merry-go-rounds. I went on every one I saw. But I did’nt see this one coming. I was walking around with my mum, my dad and my little brother at a fair when I saw a merry-go-round. My little brother and I asked mum and dad if we could go on it. They said we could as long as we followed the rules. It started of nicely but suddenly my horse ran off the bars and through the fair. It took me past a lot of the stands until it crashed into a tree. This is why I’m never going on a merry-go-round again.

alice dreaming



At the start of the performance I wondered what was going to happen. It started off well. Albatross a seagull took Alice on her adventure and she went to places from in the dessert with disco dessert creatures to meeting some sock puppet politions. The video game part was really funny and I liked it a lot. Overall the play was really good.


100 word challenge – The craziest museum


 This was the crazyest museum I’ve ever seen in my whole life. This is even crazier than when I was sorting out my book shelf and it fell on me. All my books fell on the floor and buried me. It had taken me two hours to sort out all those books.

The next exibit was a clay sculpture of a tiger biting a cat and the cat was biting a mouse. It reminded me of my cat at home catching a mouse. After the next exibit which was showing a picture of the sun blowing up. We had lunch and then went home.

Hello world!


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