“we where moving very fast when” 100wc πŸš—βž‘πŸ•Š=πŸŽ‡


We where moving very fast when, CRASH!!!. I where just going for a ride in my dads new car when a bird flew in front of it and merely missed us. The car ended up on the side of the road with the front smashed by a tree we hit. My dad tried calling people on his phone but there was no reception. ThenΒ  he said we had to walk back. It wasn’t the best idea but I didn’t know what else we could. When we got home my asked us where the car was.

“Um” was all he said.



Hi my name is Addison. If I was in SRC I would do more fundraisers to earn money for the school so we can get better equipment. I would also include others ideas. 🏫

About Me πŸ˜€


Dear Caitlyn

I have one sister a mum and a dad. I have a holiday house at Cape Paterson. It is in Wonthaggi. It has a pond and a playground. In the pond there’s a frog, and in the backyard we have two blue tongue lizards. Our holiday house is close to a beach. Our house here is close to Queens park and we go to the pool when it’s hot. I like writing story’s, mainly funny ones. I also like reading story’s a lot. I also I like playing with Lego. I have been playing Lego since I was four.