100wc…why would I do that?… 😫😠


“Mum!” my sister calls.

“What?” my mum calls back annoyed.

“Jon stole my toy!” my sister calls back.  My mum walks in the room frowning.

“Jon did you steal your sisters toy?” Asks my mum.

Why would I do that?” I answer.

“He’s just trying to annoy me!” my sister yells.

“I swear I didn’t” I say back.

“Make him give it back mum” my sister yells.

“For the last time I didn’t!” I yell back. This is getting ridiculous. I didn’t steal her dumb toy anyway.

“Isn’t it there on the couch” I say pointing to the couch.

“oh yeah” my sister responds. .


100wc…Flame Ice Lime Regularly Clock 🍹🕓🔥


I was just cutting some limes for an ice drink when the cup burst into flames. The fire seemed to burn over the water. Then the grandfather clock made its a banging noise. The grandfather clock made this noise regularly. Then the grandfather clock burst into flames. I was more shocked and confused then i had ever been in my life. Nothing happened. Then the fire in the cup and on the clock turned green. Then it started wobbling and then disappeared into the air. Unfortunately the fire had the same effect as normal fire. Then the front door opened and my mum came in.



When I was exploring the woods one day I came across a sheet of glass. It was blue and had a white outlining. I walked up and had a look at it. Then all of a sudden ripples appeared on it and a fish came out. It flopped around on the ground a bit before jumping back through the sheet of glass. That was weird I thought to myself. Then I stuck my hand through the sheet of glass and water came running down my arm. Then a shark came out of the glass  and jumped on top of me and ate me.


Special prompt #2 (18)

100wc …so, as I looked over the edge, I saw…


One day I was just going for a walk when the ground started to shake. Then out of no where a crack appears three millimetres in front of me. I’m shaking my arms around to try and avoid falling in. Luckily I don’t. But some unlucky people do. Then I heard a roar from inside the crack. So, as I looked over the edge, I see a giant mouth with at least 700 teeth in the crack . I run as fast as I can but the crack gets larger pulling in houses and cars then the crack reaches me and I fall to my doom.


100wc …however, she couldn’t believe what she had done… 😨


I was just enjoying a normal day at home when my sister picked up my toy robot and ran away with it.

“Hey! Give that back!” I yell

“No!” my sister replies. I run after her but she’s to quick. That was my favourite toy. The robot had machine gun hands and a jet pack on his back. I keep chasing her. Then the action figure turns alive.

“Thank you for summoning me” The  said to my sister as it blasted a hole in the roof and flew away.

I was amazed. My sister however, she couldn’t believe what she had done.


100wc Bridge Sprinkled Pink Daffodil Huge


And there it was, standing in front of me. The biggest bridge i’d been close to in my life. It was huge. it was at least 80 metres above the river below. I decided to have a walk on it. I had a feeling something weird would happen.Then unexpectedly pink daffodils rained from the sky and sprinkled the river below. So I was right that that I thought something weird would happen. Then something weirder happened. Some sort of laser thing came out of the daffodils and hit the bridge.

KABOOM!! went the bridge as it blew up and as I fell into the river below.

100wc The Spiky Things 🤔=🎇


I’m staring at a tree. I know it doesn’t seem that interesting but there’s a reason. This tree has two weird spiky things on it.  I pluck them off the tree and take them home.

At home I studied them closely. They didn’t have anything strange on them so I put them on my desk.

I woke up in the middle of the night hearing a weird ticking noise. It sounded like It was coming from the spiky things so I held them to my ears.

KABOOM!! All I remember seeing was the spiky things blowing up before I floated to Heaven.

100wc …but I didn’t understand the instructions…


“YAY!!!!” I scream opening my birthday present and finding a mechanical robot.  I open the box instantly and everything pours onto the floor. But I didn’t understand the instructions. It says: get a screw and put it in this  spot when it doesn’t say where the spot is. I get so mad I throw the robot stuff out the window.

Hold on don’t we live on the 12th floor of an apartment?

SMASH!!!!  BBBBBBEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPP!!!!!!!  CRASH!!!!!  BOOM!!! I look out the window and see that a car has hit a house and I can see the Robot’s box on it.


“Whistle whistle whistle”

webinar reflection


Today the grade 5/6’s at MPPS did a webinar activity about staying safe online. We talked about the different types of online viruses and how to avoid trouble from them. We also learnt how to keep our personal accounts safe from being hacked.



The world’s rarest creature is the Rainbow Poo Slug. It is disguised as a rainbow poo blob to hide from predators like the toilet brush. Rainbow Poo Slugs eat rainbow poo from rainbow poo Volcanoes. Rainbow Poo slugs don’t have many predators because not a lot of creatures would eat rainbow poo anyway. Their predators are toilet brushes, air fresheners and the most dangerous of all is the Toilet. Their location is kept secret but all that is told is that they live on a rainbow blob in the middle of the ocean. And this is all you need to know about Rainbow Poo Slugs.